Through this prestigious program, a profound academic gift will be provided to those who meet the following requirements for eligibility:


New or returning students preparing for Fall 2019 enrollment at Lee University.


Essay (400-600 words) describing why the applicant chose his/her post-secondary program, details of the applicant’s community service, and what it means to exhibit excellence as a follower of Christ.


Grade Point Average Requirements: Minimum
3.0 GPA.


The Marcus Lamb Scholarship will be awarded to Lee University students who demonstrate a strong commitment to fulfilling the Great Commission by using the skills acquired through higher education.

Available for New
& Returning
Lee University Students

Accepting Applications
for the 2019-2020
Academic Year

By clicking “Apply Now” applicants will be redirected to Lee University’s website where they will provide contact information, allowing an administration official to reach out and verify their eligibility.

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